Out today from Seattle’s Iraqis in Pajamas: ‘Cancer is My Engine’ – I can honestly say we’ve never shared a song quite so unique!

Iraqis in Pajamas combines ancient Iraqi Jewish prayers with alt rock fuzzed up guitars, and spoken word. This song tells the story of frontwoman Loolwa Khazzoom’s decision to approach a 2010 cancer diagnosis as an opportunity for radical healing and transformation – ultimately leading her back to her lost-love of music, following which the nodules started shrinking.

“I have been healing from cancer through music and lifestyle medicine. The song combines original alternative rock with an ancient Iraqi Jewish prayer, with the themes of light and faith, in a time of darkness and fear.”

Loolwa is launching the song tonight with a combined video release watch party and last night of Hanukkah candle lighting in the Iraqi tradition – event details here.

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