Our video of the day is another indie-punk belter from Atlanta’s Lesibu Grand: ‘Hot Glue Gun’. Singer Tyler-Simone Molton says of the release:

“We wrote Hot Glue Gun as a follow up to our latest song ‘WFS’ which points out all the problems with our government and society but doesn’t offer much hope for a solution. With “Hot Glue Gun,” we harness the same 80s punk rock energy but direct it in a more positive direction. In the song, the hot glue gun is a symbol of the DIY ethic and a reminder that we, as members of a democracy, already have the tools we need to fix our government; activism, community engagement, and of course, the vote. On another level, the hot glue gun is commonly used in cosplay culture to build costumes. In the right hands it transforms people into their favorite characters and reclaims popular culture for those once marginalized. Symbolically, the hot glue gun is the tool we need for political and social rebirth.
In the music video, which takes place within a fictional 90s era video game, I play a freedom fighter directed by my people to delete and reboot a corrupted society built on inherited wealth and privilege. That elite class uses their control of the media to portray me as a criminal and
unleashes their cloned secret service police force (played by bassist John Renaud) to take me out. Protected by my Power Ranger suit, and wielding a supercharged hot glue gun, the establishment’s violent response fails to halt my advance. Confronting the now helpless ruler, a
trump-esque shell of a man, my character chooses not kill him, but instead uses her truth ray to reveal what he really is — artificial junk food designed for the sole purpose of turning a profit and making people sick in the process.”

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