Liverpool alt-folker Sara Wolff has a stunner of a debut single out today – ‘You Like Talking About Yourself’,

“a song about a person who loves themselves a little bit too much – to the point where they gobble up everyone in any room they enter. No one is spared.”

Oh don’t we all know that person.

Wolff’s got a voice that instantly draws you in, and a song you’ll be humming til teatime. Given the title of the track, we thought it would be apt to give her the opportunity to talk about herself …

1. Talk about yourself!
Sara Wolff started as a solo project back home in Norway. I’ve always loved writing stories, and when I taught myself to play guitar one summer I started mixing the two together and songs suddenly came out as a result! I really value great storytelling! I find Benjamin Clementine’s writing really inspiring – I keep coming back to his album “At Least For Now”. Its one of those albums you have to listen to in order from start to finish. I usually put it on and go for a walk and have a little cry – listening to it is like watching a musical, he puts such vivid images in your mind. Oh and I also love Cate Le Bon’s ‘Reward’ – its the perfect mix of understated songwriting and weird, unexpected bleeps and bloops. I listen to it when I need a bit of an inspirational kick in the butt – I really admire how Cate just does whatever she wants but in such a tasteful way. 

2. Tell us about the single.
“You Like Talking About Yourself” is a song about someone who loves themselves a little bit too much. We all know one – the person who enters the room hungry for blood. If you start a conversation with them you might get stuck in a whirlpool of THEM and you might not come out of it alive. This song is quite different from what I usually write. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my music – I usually spend so much time thinking about my lyrics, the composition, making sure every word is the right one and that all of the chord voicings fit the song perfectly. Being a woman in a very male dominated music world makes it easy to get too self-critical. I have also always struggled with “taking up space” on stage – being loud and shredding licks. This song embodies all of that – it represents all of those qualities I want to build in myself – it’s rough around the edges, its got a very loud distorted bit, its a bit rude and its not very “thought through”. That is my goal – to get the unapologetic confidence of a white, straight indie-rock-boy. They are not gonna step off their stage anytime soon so we need to take our space ourselves, one guitar lick at a time.

3. What artists are you most excited about/inspired by at the moment?
Broken Down Golfcart
is a project in Liverpool I find really inspiring. On top of being an incredible songwriter she also makes boss animations and stop motion videos. She is all about collaboration and DIY, which I find super admirable! 

Henrio is another artist I’m really excited about, he is one of the kindest people I know and he writes the most beautiful songs. His recent single ‘Together’ is about re-defining the preconceptions we have about love, and he made a beautiful video for it too! 
Loris and the Lion is a Liverpool-based duo who makes storytelling folk music that plucks your heartstrings and makes your whole being tingle! This is one of their songs, Waxwing, which tells the story about Jorinde and Joringel from Brothers Grimm. 

4. What are your top 3 lockdown tips?
Go for lots of walks! The park by my house has been my saving grace in this odd time, and I always find ideas for new songs when I’m walking.
Crocheting! There’s nothing more satisfying than keeping your ears warm with a cozy strange hat youve made yourself.
Soups and stews! It’s root vegetable season! Do I have to say more? 

5. Who are your top 3 people who like talking about themselves a little too much?
Me, myself and I 😉

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