Today’s track of the day comes from London-based British/German singer-songwriter Vanessa Anne Redd: ‘Dark Minds’ is out today, a fuzzy garage rock anthem with 60s folksinger jangles, recorded and mixed on analogue tape and 70s equipment at London’s Gizzard Studios. The single is released ahead of her third album, Sweet Way Around, out next year. on Sharp Attack Records, and comes this supercute with handmade video performed with live puppetry on a Czech mountainside.

“…it tells the tale of dark forces toying with a girl on a quest. Whispered lies, swirling insects, harsh stones and bloodied windows glare in the hot sun, as we’re led on by the scent of roses and the optimism of wishful thinking. We find a land of “perfect dust”, but still dance victorious into a new world, out of “our dark scorched minds”. A tale of conquering all, and how the beauty of darkness will lead us out.”

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