Today’s video of the day comes from our favourite Norweigan garage popstars FLTY BRGR GRL: ‘No More’ is out today through Bergen’s Diamond Club.

“‘No More’ is a song about trying really hard to resist someone, which kind of just makes you want them even more. Either you’re trying to resist them because they’re not good for you or because you don’t want to get your heart broken – or both at the same time.”

“I’ve been trying to resist forbidden fruits all my life, so when I started with the bass and lyrics it almost felt as though the song wrote itself. Sarah brought on driven punk-ish guitars and backing vocals, and it kind of just turned into this skate friendly song with a flare of attitude. It’s a song we enjoy playing the most at practices. Especially during these times – when there’s a lot of suppressed emotions that need an outlet!”

The video”No More” also comes with a video, directed by Marcus Calvert, Sarah’s younger brother: 

“We wanted it to be a little goofy, and very dead pan – as a contrast to all those wild emotions under the surface. We also wanted to sneak in some skating – because honestly ‘No More’ is the perfect song to do skateboard bowl tricks to!”

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