To celebrate the thinning of the veil, here’s a Samhein gift from the awesome Sister Ghost from NI: the ‘Samhain Mixtape’ is out Bandcamp for the suggested donation of £6.66 or Pay What You Can. All proceeds are being donated to Girls Rock School NI, the local Girls Rock chapter founded by Sister Ghost’s Shannon. The organisation have been working online with young women and non-binary young people during lockdown to reduce isolation, create community and make music together. Shannon tells us

“I always like to do something fun around Halloween and this year I knew I wanted to create something collaborative given the increased isolation we’ll all be feeling, heading into lockdown number 2. It just made sense to reach out to some of my favourite musicians and to try and make it as far reaching as possible in terms of who was involved and from where. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have worked & performed abroad and made friends along the way, so to have a selection of those on one of our releases, at my favourite time of year, raising money for Girls Rock! is just a dream (or the perfect nightmare?!) come true!”

Short of time? Check out ‘Season of the Witch’ – those spooky sister harmonies hook you in, then keep you mesmerised with retro jangly guitars for an all-round Go-Gos-esque vibe.

Other artists on the mixtape so far are Heart Shaped (Houston/Belfast), Party Fears (Berlin), Mom Friend (Atlanta,GA), Kissin’ Kate (Michigan), Lauren Bird and more.