Today we are mostly listening to ‘Last Will and Testament’ – the new album from Texan Bonnie Whitmore, which is out today. If you can take your Americana served hot, and need some big, brash tunes full of heart, this album will have you singing, dancing, heartbreaking and raging against The Man along with our Bonnie.

Bassist and singer Bonnie Whitmore has weekly residency at the Continental Club Gallery in Austin, where she lives. Her last (2016) album was the beautifully titled F*** With Sad Girls, and this follow-up similarly tackles hard issues head-on: suicide, rape culture, loss, and the great American divide all sung about on Last Will and Testament with the forthrightness of a good friend over a kitchen table.

“My goal for this record is to inspire people to have hard conversations. But I definitely subscribe to writing pop music, with catchy lyrics and repeating phrases.”

Stand out track ‘Last Will and Testament’ is about the painful experience of losing a musician friend to suicide.

Noteworthy also, ‘Asked for It’ invites men to reflect on victim blaming in rape culture. “So go on and blame the victim. Why should violence have consequence? And each time you silence them, recreates the same event. She’s the kind of girl you said asked for it.”

“I’ve always had the drive to participate and use my voice. I feel it is our responsibility to use our voices to challenge authorities if we want to make things better,” she says. “We’re seeing a resurgence of the ’60s civil rights movement, and it is so inspirational right now to see so many people willing to protest things that are wrong, to live up to what we stand for, which is equality for all.”

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