Out today from Derby’s MuddiBrooke, ‘Devil’ – a rock ballad powered by fury that we are totally here for. Frontwoman Brooke tells us:

“I’m usually a very calm person, my parents always said maybe I was even too laid back at times; but when I wrote Devil, it came from a deep anger inside me that I’d been bottling up for a while.

It stems from a mentally abusive relationship. The man I was with was very controlling – to a point where I didn’t even recognise he was until many months after it ended. I never loved him properly but it felt like I did – it was classic Stockholm syndrome. He controlled what I wore, who I talked to, my music at some points. He was always around me and I couldn’t get him to spend some time apart. Every time I tried to talk to him he just flew off the handle. He knew I loved a peaceful life, so he used this.

As these things are, it was a very twisted relationship. I thought I loved him but I actually deeply hated his guts and what he was doing to my life.

But on the flip side, it gave me some great lyrics.

The whole song is basically just a big middle finger up to him – and he’ll know.’ 

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