Our video of the day today comes from LA’s Queen Frequency & The Twats: ‘I Didn’t Know Better’ is out today – echoes of Alanis Morissette, with a mesmerisingly vulvic video! They caught our attention with the fanny heads, and we stayed for the awesome psychedelic feminist sci-fi rock. The band’s Meghan McDonald says of the video:

“Embracing the bizarre and absurd, ‘Didn’t Know Better’ is about the strains of motherhood. Lyrically the song is based off of turn-of-the-century feminist novel ‘The Awakening’ by Kate Chopin. The video itself was shot on Super 16 film and dissects the domestic demands that are expected of women across time — from the mythical “first woman” Eve to a futuristic setting.”

The track is taken from their new album ‘Observations Of A Lonely Planet, Part I’, out today. Meghan says of it: 

“‘Observations of a Lonely Planet’ is a concept album in the most basic sense. It is formatted in a similar way to Kanye West’s ‘College Dropout’ and Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, employing a classroom-based storyline. Only with ‘Observations’, the classroom is based in the future, and centres on the demise of Earth. This album has two themes: On the one hand, with the classroom storyline, it simplifies world problems that are going on currently in a way that a child could understand. While on a more personal level, the album dissects many existing facets of femininity.”

We want to hear lots more from this band!

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