Colatura: I Don’t Belong Here – game premiere!

Play the game at

Excited to bring you today a premiere from New York indierockers Colatura, who’ve raised the DIY polymath artistry bar so flippin high by releasing, not only a video, but also a game to go with the track!

‘I Don’t Belong Here’ was, they say, originally written from the perspective of a sweater that had been left behind at an ex’s place. “However as we started to record it, quarantine happened and we realized that it also eerily encapsulated all the feelings we were having about feeling trapped inside – how our homes started to feel stifling and like we no longer belonged there, our clothes no longer fit and how we have lost any sense of time or motivation to get out of bed (especially since most of us lost our day jobs), ‘waking up late and sleeping all day.'”

In the interactive music video/8bit video game which accompanies this song, members of the band try to collect their things and escape NYC and the pandemic!

Fancypants tech skills aside, The song itself is the happiest, danciest song we’ve heard about a jumper since Ned’s. Hope to hear lots more from Colatura.

Find Colatura on soundcloud youtube facebook instagram 

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