C’est Karma: Pool Party – video of the day

Today’s video of the day comes from Luxembourg’s C’est Karma: ‘Pool Party’ is out today, taken from the talented 18-year-old’s upcoming Farbfilm EP. She says of the track:

“The idea to write ‘Pool Party’ came to me in the beginning of summer. Along with the bathing season and with my first few trips to a lake close to where I live, came the yearly feeling of distress and unease. ‘Pool Party’ is about being a woman, it’s about the feeling we get when we go to beaches and feel strange looks hover over our bodies. It’s about men we don’t know, that make us feel like we are their prey. In this song I explore the metaphor of a beach and describe the day of a lonely man, whose only pleasure in a day, is to creepily stare at women he doesn’t know on the beach. This behavior is unacceptable to me, as it makes many women feel even more self-conscious. It invades our privacy and our well-being. ‘Pool Party’ is more a cry of frustration and anger than it is a cry for pity. It’s a simple observation of what women experience on a daily basis.”

“The video to Pool Party follows Mogi, a lonely man on his day. Obsessed with his imaginary girlfriend he spends his time wondering around staring at women he doesn’t know. Mogi [embodies] the creepy man that women feel uncomfortable around. His is vulgar in his actions and is deceived by the idea that he can posses female bodies.”

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