Vanessa Silberman: Something To Believe In – track of the day

Words by Heather Hellskiss of LOUD WOMEN LA

Today’s track of the day earns a tip of the hat to a somber dusty tune brimming with hope from grunge-pop Brooklynite Vanessa Silberman: ‘Something To Believe In’. The song exudes Lana Del Rey vibes and the magical energy of a desert landscape. Vanessa tells us:

“Musically, the song features moody melodies that conjure up mysterious feelings, while lyrically, it focuses on finding light in darkness, and changing one’s perspective. The track takes its inspiration from the blues, southern music, and classic western films.”

Released September 30, 2020 via A Diamond Heart Production / Success Records through Symphonic Distribution
Photos: Michelle LoBianco

This is her seventh single of 2020, releasing a song per month. Be sure to check out the other six and stay tuned for more music and an album release.

Find Vanessa Silberman on facebook, instagram, spotify, youtube,

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