Is it too soon to call the Anthem of the Pandemic? Nah, this is it. The awesome Claire Foxx & The Antisocial Justice Warriors just dropped ‘(I Don’t Want Your) Germs’ and we are literally living for this put-your-fucking-mask-on-and-stop-being-an-asshat punk anthem. In a world full of fear and hate and misinformation, Claire’s telling it how she sees it. In her own words:

“(I don’t want your) Germs” is a song inspired by scenes I saw three weeks ago in London’s Trafalgar Square and at last weekend’s “I do not consent” anti lockdown rallies in Hyde Park: tens of thousands of anti-maskers, antivaxxers, covid deniers mingled with the British Union Of Fascists, TERFs, 5G conspiracy theorists, David Ike believers and more — all making strange bedfellows. 

The “Germs” here is wilful ignorance: the belief that rugged individualism and not collective action is what we need to defeat covid. That the pandemic is a hoax is a kind of madness I struggled to grapple with. It only took shape for me in writing this song. It’s the encapsulation of libertarianism, hijacked by right wingers, with everyone else coming along for the ride, stapling their own agendas to a loosely-constructed idea of how “the government is actively working against us” , which they are, but out of incompetence rather than the designs of the Lizard Men, or whatever.  This is how authoritarian ideas take hold. This is how community ends. 

I am particularly proud of this song as I got the amazing horn section to play free jazz-punk until they culminated in becoming a train crashing over a cliff — surely a metaphor for everything that is happening to us all right now?

Claire Foxx has been releasing a single per month during the pandemic, recording the majority of the instruments herself – all except those crashing horns on this one.

Claire Foxx is a Scottish trans punk singer-songwriter, alumnus of Edinburgh Girls Rock School. Find her on Bandcamp and Twitter.

Photo: Rah Petherbridge