LOUD WOMEN is thrilled to bring you the premiere today of ‘Lifequake’, the new single from Berlin alt-pop trio Everything and Everybody. We asked them to tell us in their own words what inspired the song:

“The sheer question of what does it mean to be a woman or a man or something in between or neither of them. The ongoing debate and the resulting reality check are very present in every part of our daily life. They shake our fictional collective truth and thinking, which seemed set for way too long. Our song lists a small selection of one-dimensional gender stereotypes and cliches, that still exists in our culture. We don’t want to blame someone, we want to ask each and everyone of us one question: which and how many parts do you want to live out, regardless of the classification as typical feminine or typical masculine? “Choose life” is a motto George Michael once wore on a T-shirt. I love it.”

And about the funky video …

“It is a game of associations. We see something and something else pops up in our mind. This happens with people, situations, symbols – and also with fruits. Their shapes could create specific associations and, for example, classify the banana as a phallic fruit and the orange as the female opposite – interestingly we don’t have a word for “that” in german, do you have one in english? Vulvic? Apart from this, fruits have always been a symbol for life, sensuality and fertility. We really should enjoy fruits more often, each in his* or her* own way.”

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