Today’s track of the day comes from Barcelona’s MOURN. ‘Men’ is out today, and it’s a glorious punk anthem, FFO Petrol Girls, for all those harmed by toxic masculinity (spoiler: that’s all of us, doh). The band say:

This song is about walking the streets and having to deal with looks, words and attitudes from different men. To enter a store and being treated differently than male clients, same at work. It just portrays these situations and the frustration that comes with them. And I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of people that feel identified with these experiences and just being questioned for their identity. At the same time I know there’s gonna be other people that are pissed or feel uncomfortable with these lyrics. But it’s just how we feel and no one can take our experiences from us. These lyrics come from a sincere and confident mindset where we want to establish our validity and identity and not let it be broken. We talk about feelings we see in men during the song because we feel their taken into account more, and their kind of imposed onto us. Also I feel like with this quote being so long I’m justifying why we wrote about this topic, and the thing is, this in itself is an uncomfortable situation we’re being put through by society. In the end, it’s just a personal experience… lived by millions of people everyday.

Look out for forthcoming album Self Worth, available to pre-order on Bandcamp. 

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