LOUD WOMEN are honoured today to bring you the first listen of a stunning new single from New York’s Themme Fatale. Be Around is out today, and it’s an empowering story about overcoming transphobic family hostility. Themme Fatale/Jack tells us:

“I have a better relationship with this family member now, but this song was written when I was asked to not come around them when I was wearing the more feminine clothes that I wanted to. They didn’t understand my nonbinary identity, but still said they were upset that I wasn’t really reaching out to them. This was my response – if I can’t be myself, I’m not coming around. Don’t put that on me! I wanted to write something for the trans people who felt like they had to compensate or compartmentalize pieces of their identity to appease others. Demand the respect you deserve and surround yourself with people who will respect your authentic self!”

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