We are stoked to be hosting the premiere today of a new single from alt rockers All Flags are Grey. ‘Blood Box’ is out today, tackling as they say “elements of control within relationships, be it sexually or platonically”, and the stunning video is once seen never forgotten. We had a lil chat with the band …

We love this song! What’s it about?
Lyrically the song explores the narrative of coercive control be it in a sexual relationship or a relationship that is purely platonic .

On our previous EP we had focused on incorporating more electronic production styles, but both our roots lie in alt rock and on this record we wanted to add a larger element of this with a hint of doom.

What the fluff is going on in this video then?
We’re big fans of 80s cult horror movies and this definitely influenced the video, but we wanted to take a more comic style approach to the aesthetic so we teamed up with visionary artist Ben Coiacetto who directed and produced the video for us.

We also did this video during lock down all filmed on green screen – social distancing most certainly applied! 

What’s next for you?
Live wise we are really looking forward to playing again. We had a tour in the U.K. and dates in Germany which was was due to start in April but sadly cancelled , at the moment where working on some tracks for film sync projects but have new tour dates next year we will announce soon.

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