Today’s video of the day is a ’80s-children’s-television fever dream of a video’ from Liverpool’s Hannah’s Little Sister. Out today on Heist or Hit Records, ‘Bin Mouth’ is a joyfully bleepy trashcore anthem you never know you needed. (How much fun would it be to see these playing with Brighton’s litterpunx GULLS?!) We’re big fans, obviously. Lead singer Meg Grooters says:

“I suppose like a lot of our songs, Bin Mouth is a rant in song form. It’s a song about people who like to chat a lot of rubbish, when really they should just maybe zip it. I wrote it from the frustration of being in the firing line from a lot of gossip and nonsense spewing-but everyone knows a Bin Mouth, and probably everyone has been a bit of Bin Mouth too. It’s about the litterbugs and chattermugs!”

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