Single review by Julie Riley of I am HER

I had to listen to this song just for the band name alone. FLTY BRGR GRL [pronounced ‘Filthy Burger Girl’, if that’s not clear!] are from Oslo and though they are not new to LOUD WOMEN, they are new to me. The song opens with a  simple drum loop and bass riff  plus 3 sparse but sparkly notes all of which make the  kitsch pop vocal stand out. Then we hit the chorus which kicks in with a lush shimmer that immerses you as the catchy lyric “That girl got me wondering if I could be” hooks us.

This track is sugar sweet like cherry lip gloss with a naivety that reminds me of the DIY bedroom sound of the Marine Girls (for anyone old enough to remember them) and that is a good thing. If you are going to virtually  Slow Dance with anyone this lockdown make yourself a date with FLTY BRGR GRL.

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