May have fallen a little bit in love with Bryde and her single ‘The Trouble Is’, our video of the day today. That voice! Those guitars over those synths! Where has Bryde been all our lives?

Well. Bryde – or Sarah Howells, to her friends – grew up in the lush Welsh seaside town of Milford Haven, and is now based in London. She just about to release her second album, in fact, ‘The Volume of Things’, released on Easy Life Records on 29 May.

Lead single ‘The Trouble Is’ explores the grip of the midnight worries that keep us awake long after dark. She says:

”What we have in common can often be what keeps us apart. I’m a terrible insomniac and I have various coping methods, mostly involving trying to calm my overactive brain. I hope people can really resonate with that line.”