Wargirl: Dancing Gold – video of the day

Video of the day comes from California’s Wargirl – Dancing Gold. The band lay claim to funk, garage rock, psychedelia, soul and reggae influences, but maybe someone’s also been listening to a streaky rock duo (and thankfully adding the funky-AF bass line that song always needed – what, say something.) Anyways, this is a belter. This is what the band, fronted by vocalist Samantha Parks, have to say:

“In Costa Rica at sunset, the sky turns a million colors, sometimes the last sunlight is golden and it dances on the evening water and time stands still and you remember that all of life is a crazy miracle. All of us people are magical living beings, some of us get lost along the way, but at our best we are all Dancing Gold. This is a song to remind us to really live life as it is a gift and not be stuck in negativity.“ 

Released via German-based label Clouds Hill.

13 March  London, Old Blue Last
14 March  Bristol, The Crofters Rights
16 March  Brighton, The Hope & Ruin 

Find Wargirl @ Website  | Facebook  | Twitter  | Instagram  | YouTube

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