Excited to bring you today the premiere of Nadeah & Beki‘s electro-pop single ‘Kombucha’ – taken from their debut EP ‘Dream Bitches’ out 6 March.

Nadeah & Beki (Aussie born Indian/Serb Nadeah Miranda and Anglo-Syrian Beki Mari) conjure up tongue-in-cheek 80s post-punk, electro pop and hip-hop in the rap-inflected video for ‘Kombucha’ (for which Beki directed).

We asked the duo, what’s the message behind ‘Nadeah & Beki’?

“Joyful, uncensored, creative expression devoid of sentimentality and intellectualism. Nadeah&Beki are about making music that that celebrates spontaneity, frivolity and irreverence – modern minimalist punk inspired by contemporary obsessions such as cleaning inboxes, veganism, health kicks, insect infestations, sex, money, hairlessness and disappearing into one’s own mind.”

And what do they hope to do with the project?

“Have a shit ton of fun and meet plenty of other like-minded, equally irreverent, playful piss-takers to collaborate with.”

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