Review by Maryjo Mattea

Vulpynes’ Dye Me Red is not for the faint of heart. For just two people, Vulpynes sure makes a lot of noise and I mean that in the best possible way.

This Irish two-piece’s latest EP features aggressive vocals, insistent drums, and fuzz-drenched guitar. As a member of a grungy guitar-drums duo myself, I am definitely partial to this style, but head bob-ability alone isn’t enough to warrant inclusion on my Spotify playlist. The songs actually have to be good and make no mistake: these songs are fucking GREAT.

The EP starts by kicking you in the face (lovingly, of course) with the uncompromising ‘I Can’t Sit Still’.

Song 2, ‘Bitches are Like Waves’, is much more melodic, but not the slightest bit less intense.

Next up on ‘It Washes Out’ Kaz pounds out a classic four to the floor beat as Molly frenetically and anthemicly screams about how she “won’t settle down” and is “running, but staying in the same place.”

Last, but certainly not least, this four-song masterpiece concludes with ‘The Hunt’, which gives off some serious L7 vibes and features some glorious kick-ass harmonies.

Do you like grunge? Do you like music made by badass women? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, go listen to Dye Me Red right now and thank me later.

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