It’s that time of the week again – time for a #HumpdayHymn to guide through to the weekend! Today we’re loving Seattle’s Bloods new video out today – U & M E. An alphabetical lesson in feelgood pop-punk.

About the song the band’s Marihuzka Cornelius AKA MC says:

U & M E was inspired by the Nat King Cole classic L-O-V-E. I loved the idea of writing a song using the alphabet to spell out romantic sentiments. The childishness seemed to capture the immaturity of infatuation so well.

During the ‘infatuation’ stage, you simplify any individual’s complexity by focusing on the things that they make you feel. The object of your affection becomes so perfect and unflawed because they turn you on or you like their smile, life without them becomes impossible to fathom. 

The track is taken from Bloods’ new EP ‘Seattle’ which sounds like it’s going to be well up our alley.

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