Our video of the day today is ‘Adeleine’ from Brooklyn pop duo Water From Your Eyes – an enthralling stop-motion and animation mini-adventure, featuring Rachel and Nate as tiny living puppets, exploring the big city of NYC from the POV of the wee folk.

Directed by Abigail Austin, she tells us:

“I really enjoy playing with scale and I was interested in seeing how miniature Rachel and Nate could relate to different environments. In New York its easy to feel small, and it can control you in ways that you don’t always expect – so I wanted to make something playful and maybe even a bit silly to explore that.”

The song itself is dreamy, driving pop that sucks you in straight away. Nate and Rachel explained that 

“lyrically the song deals with wondering if you missed your shot at something, if you deserve or will get another chance, and the presence and importance of another person in your life and the process of dealing with transitioning relationships – the difficulty of “pull(ing) the lever” and knowing that ‘nobody else could make me leave me behind’.

So who is ‘Adeleine’, referenced in the song title? A hero? A love interest? The band have a simpler explanation for the title:

“We just thought Adeleine was a cool name, worked well with the rhyme scheme.”

Adeleine is taken from the band’s newly-released LP, Somebody Else’s Song, which came out 25 October on Exploding in Sound Records.

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