You might know Eilis Frawley as the drumming powerhouse behind our favourite Berlin indiepoppers Party Fears. It’s her flipside solo project which is making waves across Europe at the moment – ‘spoken word meets drumming’ is the vibe and you can catch her this very evening in fact at Earth, Hackney, London (it’s free too – go!) The tour continues in Sheffield, Manchester, Leicester and Leeds. All info on Facebook.

Eilis’ single ‘illusions’ is out now on Reckless Yes records – a beautiful ambient soundscape to dive into, with home-hitting lyrics:

Busyness will kill us …

In the meantime, we asked Eilis 5 pressing questions …

1. For people who’ve not seen you play solo before, what can they expect from you on this UK tour?

Strong and off kilter with stories about growing up, living abroad, the fluctuation in mental health and thoughts on discrimination, merged in a soundscape of drums, spoken word and synths. On stage I’m creating a dark atmosphere broken by catchy melodies, all held together by powerful and intricate drum beats. My live set is diverse, brutally honest and should encourage women* with similar experiences to speak up. 

2. Fill in the blanks

“My sound is like the lovechild of Battles and Brian Eno with a bit on the side from Camera Obscura

3. Give us your artist manifesto in no more than 20 words.

honesty, kindness, loyalty, supportive behaviour, fun, trust, drums, stories.

4. Who’s your favourite band/artists playing on the DIY circuit at the moment? 

Charmpit, Schnickschnack, People Club, Jaguwar. 

5. Draw us a picture.