Nashville’s Raelyn Nelson is our new favourite country punk, and her ‘Weed and Whiskey’ is our track of the day (and maybe your new personal themetune).

Raelyn was raised on traditional country and gospel music, and was gifted her first guitar as a teenager by her grandfather – Willie Nelson. Yeah, the actual Willie Nelson.

These days Raelyn Nelson and her high energy band are as likely to be sharing stages with country stars as punk bands (recently with the Descendents).

The theme of latest single ‘Weed and Whiskey’ is pretty clear, but nonetheless we couldn’t resist asking Raelyn to give LOUD WOMEN a bit more scoop on the single. She told us:

It’s not a “round up your friends – jump on your tailgate – let’s all get wasted party anthem”, it’s a song about prohibition and the ridiculous laws surrounding cannabis worldwide. Here in the states, we’ve all had a friend or family member that has been affected by the opioid crisis but some of our leaders choose to demonize a plant that has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits including helping people get off opioids.“