Hagar the Womb are punk legends, and they’re coming to play our birthday party on 12 October – we are beyond excited! We asked singers Ruth and Karen them 5 questions in the meantime …

1. For people who’ve not seen Hagar the Womb play live before, what can we expect from you on 12 October?

Karen: Great tunes with angry yet hopeful and funny words. Wild outfits and a lot of passion. Thrilled at long last to play a Loud Women gig because half the band are loud women.
Ruth: The usual chaos that comes from 6 people living in 5 different parts of the UK including 3 different coasts in 2 different countries who rarely get together. Added to which we’re very old and forgetful.

2. Fill in the blanks…

Karen: “Our sound is like the lovechild of The Shangri-Las and UK Subs with a bit on the side from Bikini Kill
Ruth: “Our sound is like Fuzzbox, with St Trinian’s at break time (John Peel said we sounded like a bunch of shouty schoolgirls) with a side order of unfiltered fun.”

3. Give us your band manifesto in no more than 20 words.

Karen: Have a good time all the time, unless you need to drink cider and shout angrily.
Ruth: Be happy, be aware, be optimistic, think! That’s what it was when we formed in 1981 anyway – I think it still has legs.

4. Who’s your favourite band playing on the DIY circuit at the moment?

Karen: Mine is The Menstrual Cramps for the tunes, bravery and mullets. Plus a great name.
Ruth: Ooh that’s between The Menstrual Cramps and The Baby Seals – both have sounds, words and sentiments right up my street but have to say the MCramps edge with the in your face live shows.

5. Draw us a picture.

Ruth: I’m taking one for the band here. So this, through the medium of purple biro, is a Hag’d up Statue of Liberty as we’ve just come back from conquering America (well, a club in Oakland, California) xx

Catch Hagar the Womb live at our LOUD WOMEN 4th birthday party on 12 October