Gaptooth aka Hannah Lucy is a returning favourite to LOUD WOMEN Fest – having played at our 2nd Fest, and worked as a steward on all of our Fests! A brilliant musician, talented visual artist, staunch activist, and all-round lovely friend – we are so pleased Gaptooth is playing this year’s Fest on 14 September. Don’t miss her – 3pm on the Boston Music Room stage. Here’s her pre-Fest 5 Question Interview.

1. For people who’ve not seen you play live before, what can we expect from you at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

I make feminist electro-pop with a riot grrrl vibe. I normally play solo but I’ll have two guitarists, Georgia and Kim, joining me on stage for the first time.

If you know my records, this will be a bit heavier and punkier.

2. Fill in the blanks …

Our sound is like the lovechild of Le Tigre and Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a bit on the side from The Faint.

3. Give us your artist manifesto in no more than 20 words.

Destroying capitalist white supremacist hetero-patriarchy with beats you can dance to.

4. Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

I’m really looking forward to seeing Lilith Ai, as I saw her play at LOUD WOMEN Fest 2 and she was amazing. I also love her artwork and her videos – she is multitalented.

5. What made you want to play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

As an artist, a festival like LOUD WOMEN brings together a supportive, feminist audience in a way that you don’t get with many other events. As a fan it’s a source of hidden gems – I’ve been to every Loud Women Fest since the first one and every year I’ve discovered new bands and artists that I love.