Grab some popcorn and settle in with Norweigan Secret Treehouse‘s compelling video for single ‘The Big Rewind’. Dreamy indie-pop goodness with a chorus to die for. Lead singer, Anja Bere, tells us: 

“In the video all five of us has our own specific story to tell. My story is based on a person looking back on her life and a time where she felt stepped on by others, and accepted people doing it. This person looking back and telling the story is visualised in the video with a confident attitude wearing green luscious make up and big hair telling the world how strong she is now. She is rewinding time to incidents where people told her that she was not good enough and put her down. The character,  in the rewinded story, which is the younger self, is visualised in dark colours and giving  off an apathetic and destructive feeling. I think we all can relate to this, where we sometimes rewind time and hopefully see how strong we have become!”

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