Bryony Williams: Silhouette – track of the day

Wolverhampton singer-songwriter Bryony Williams dishes up a dreamily beautiful pop track of the day today – ‘Silhouette’.

The song tells the timeless story of the end of a relationship. She says:

“Silhouette is the heartbreak song of my lifetime. Written in my home studio late on a winter’s night, the lyrics reflect the state of mind and uncertain influx I was in at the time, and almost still are…
The track is about the type of heartbreak you suddenly catch your mind constantly wandering back to; a memory that will always stay with me and the discomfort that comes with it. Will I find a love like that again? I’m not sure… but I’ll stalk the hell out of it.”

[Oh sister you’ll find so much more and so much better! A hex on that heart-breaking ex – Ed]

As well as music, Bryony is the founder of female music collective ‘GRRRL GROANNN‘ which we love as much for its patriarchy-smashing DIYness as for its commitment to superfluous consonants ❤

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