The Iron Maidens at Fryshuset Klubben Stockholm, 10 April 2019 – review and photos by Stephen Boyle

Having followed these ladies for quite some time via social media, YouTube and other digital platforms and having missed them a couple of times on previous tours, I was excited to see that they intended to kick off their 2019 European Tour right in my backyard in Stockholm. The venue is a firm favourite of mine, as it is a nice intimate space and I have seen several outstanding bands there in the last couple of years. Situating myself at the front, right on the barrier, I had an unhindered view of the entire stage. I didn’t have to wait long before the Iron Maidens hit the stage.

This was the first show on their European tour and their first time in Sweden and they got a rapturous reception from the crowd as they thundered their way through Iron Maiden classics from the 1980’s. The band were impressive on stage, with every member looking comfortable and confident in their playing.

Being a guitarist, my interest lay with watching the twin guitar attack of Courtney Cox and Nikki Stringfield. I was not disappointed as both guitarists tore through the set with ease. My position at the barrier meant I was in direct line of fire of Courtney Cox’s amp, and when she kicked in her boost pedal for her solo spots, it was almost a religious experience as I could feel every note pass through my body. The entire sound was very good and, apart from a few opening show teething problems that did not impact on the quality of the band, the show seemed to go off without any major issues and, in my opinion, was a great start to their European Tour.

After the show I got the chance to meet the girls and I have to say, they were the most down to earth and humble people I have had the pleasure of meeting, even down to sharing very weird jokes about Wales with Courtney Cox.

After following the band from a distance for several years, my first encounter with them live was a terrific experience and one I will be repeating again just as soon as I am able.

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