Where We Sleep is the indie-goth synth-pop new project of Beth Rettig, formerly of Blindness*. Our video of the day today, ‘The Desert’ sees Rettig collaborate with Axel Ray of United Ghosts (and also The Black Windmill and Cadet A) on lead guitar. It’s a delicious taste of forthcoming EP ‘Experiments in the Dark’, which also features contributions from our beloved Debbie Smith (Curve, Echobelly, Ye Nuns).

*Fun fact ā€“ Blindness headlined the first ever LOUD WOMEN event, back in October 2015

“When Blindness ended – solely down to a change in my personal life – I didn’t know if I was going to write again. Where We Sleep is the result of discovering that you don’t know how not to make music,” says Beth Rettig.

About ‘The Desert’ video, Rettig explains,

“The road footage in The Desert video was taken when Axel and myself took a road trip to the Mojave Desert in California, with trips to Pioneertown and Joshua Tree National Park. It seemed a shame not to use those visuals, albeit affected, for the song. As the song came first, it was a cool realisation that two people who did a song about driving through the desert together, were taking a road trip through the desert together.”

‘Experiments In The Dark’ is slated for release on May 31 and will be available across digital stores and streaming platforms. It can also be pre-ordered via Where We Sleep’s own Bandcamp site.

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