Pit Pony: Osaka/SMTH – single review

Review by Maryjo Mattea

First, it’s standalone fuzzy, overdriven guitar chords. Then an amped up, galloping drum roll. Then another guitar and a bass join the party. And THEN we get the delicious PJ Harvey meets Chrissy Hynde vocals and the “fuck you and the horse you road in on” lyrics they deliver.

The snark-filled garagey goodness of “Osaka” was exactly what I needed this morning when I logged in to my computer. It was the medicine my tortured soul needed to make it through what would otherwise be a generic ho-hum Thursday.

“Osaka” and its B-side, “SMTH” comprise the debut release of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s five-piece garage rock ensemble, Pit Pony.

Pit Pony’s sound is everything I want my rock and roll to be: loud, aggressive, intense, and angsty, but still melodic. It’s reminiscent of things we’ve heard before – within the first 30 seconds I was hearing White Stripes, Cloud Nothings, and She Keeps Bees (three distinctly different bands) all at once. It’s all of these things and none of them at the same time. And just when I think I get where we’re going – BAM – it switches to a dark, heavy, half time groove.

More of this, please.

For those of you who are UK-based, follow their socials, go to a show, and let me live vicariously through you from across the pond.

Find Pit Pony on Twitter | Spotify | Facebook | Bandcamp

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