Erin Austin of OK Sweetheart – photo by Cameron Holt

OK Sweetheart is the soul-pop project of Seattle’s Erin Austin, and we dig it. Here’s a first spin of ‘We Could Have it All’ – an instant kick of bouyant sunshine you’ll be humming for the rest of the day. Enjoy!

Erin Austin says:

“The song is a commentary on the American Dream. Watch the first
episode of Cosmos and then think about the American Dream. The system we have is broken but we’re so busy abiding by it (so we’re not
swallowed by it) to do anything to actually fix it. We’re so busy
selling ourselves to ‘have it all’ that even if we did get to a place
where we feel like we’ve checked the boxes to fulfill the American
Dream, we still would question our purpose and have to grapple with
the meaninglessness of life.”

In addition to OK SWEETHEART, Austin is part of Seattle supergroup, LADIES, with Lydia Ramsey and Miranda Zickler (Kuinka). LADIES released three holiday songs in November 2018. She has also recorded an EP with LA-based electronic soul-pop duo LETS, who are set to release music in 2019.

Find OK Sweetheart: website | facebook