Kat Skills is a brand new indie-pop band from the Netherlands, and this is their debut single, ‘Gold’. Shimmery sexy trip-pop with haunting vocals from Delouise, the singer-songwriter. She says:
‘GOLD is about the moment I realized that I won’t accept any compromise in love. In a way, that approach is what KAT SKILLS is all about. That’s why GOLD just had to be our first single. Also musically, GOLD has all these big contrasts: Deep lows with silky, sizzling highs, the 808-style beat with a fierce 50s slapback, FM-synthesizing with naked acoustic guitars.. All giving each other exactly the space they need, tempting each other at times, but never, ever compromising. A dark, romantic, soulful popsong needs to linger and then burn a little, we just make it grow.’
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