Fightmilk: ‘Not With That Attitude’ – LP review

fightmilkReview by Ana Hine

Fightmilk’s ‘Not With That Attitude’ is a great album for getting over an annoying ex – characterised here as a douchy hipster with regrettable decision making skills. There’s the first track ‘How You Move On’ about this ex-boyfriend’s new tattoo – a tacky tree – to remember their failed relationship with the excellent opening line; “Congratulations on your terrible tattoo, the one you got in protest when I told you we were through.” And; “When you’re covered in ex lovers and you see that stupid tree, I’ll have long moved on but good luck forgetting me.”

Lead singer Lily Rae explains that the song is based on personal experience and that her aim was to write a song that would bring women together. She says; “I like to try and write songs that I’d want to sing at karaoke whilst drunk which explains the chorus. It’s entirely designed for post-breakup girls-night-out karaoke.”

There’s more thinly disguised hatred for her ex in the anti-love song ‘Four Star Hotel’ about a miserable trip to Amsterdam. There’s also an ode to her phone in ‘Dream Phone’, as if to rub salt into an already, presumably, freshly broken heart.

Musically Fightmilk have a thrashing, pop-punk vibe with the backing vocals from guitarist Alex Wisgard bringing an extra layer of fun. Lily Rae can also really hold a note, as well as somehow bringing a tonne of emotion to every word she says. They cite The Long Blondes as an influence, which makes a lot of sense and is a great opportunity to listen to that band’s biggest hit ‘Once And Never Again’.

Although listening to individual tracks might give the impression the Not With That Attitude is too lyrically distracting for background music, repeated testing with company has proven otherwise – with friends commenting on how fitting a soundtrack it is for evenings in bitching about previous and current lovers.

Like the Lily Allen song ‘Not Big’ some of the tracks might come off a little harsh, even cruel, but sometimes this level of honesty is necessary to purge all the negativity surrounding a break-up and allow both parties to move on. Hopefully the album is an indication of good things to come.

notwithFightmilk will have their free album launch at The Shacklewell Arms, London on 2 November with support from Jemma Freeman And The Cosmic Something, followed by club night Too Many Man.



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