Sam Amant is coming to play LOUD WOMEN Fest on 15 Sept 2018 and we can not wait! We got to know her a little better ...
Sam Amant! We are SO looking forward to seeing you play live, especially after the release of your single ‘Act of Love’. Tell us all about the song – what’s it about, how did you record it, and what’s the story behind the stunning/shocking/awesome video?
‘Act of Love’ is about this sad society where we live in reduce to two categories of people: winners and losers. We should free ourself from this ‘winner’ or ‘being successful idea and just be human. We are not all made for success and driven by money. We should be able to procrastinate if we like, spend more time to think about making a better world instead of working to pay a rent, buy a house, a car, the latest stupid technology, abuse of power and being in constant competition. All of that for the illusion of happiness.
I recorded this song in my bedroom on a shit computer. It’s DIY so I’ve asked permission to the director of one of my fave movie Survival 5 if I could edit a scene from his movie to make my video: he never answered so I took it for a yes.
Who are your heroes in the music scene right now?
Unfortunately my heroes are all dead but at the moment I love to listen to
Mother Moor, Farai, Dead Valley, Bonaparte, Martyr Whore, T24, Blank Milk, Sapper,
Peter Kernel, Orties, Fat White Family.
What can we look forward to from Sam Amant?
I’m working on a new project at the moment with Martin Mccarrick (Siouxsie and the Banshees) and Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants) – I’m in heaven.
Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Loud Women Fest?
Tell us anything else you think it’s important we know about you/your music!

Anti capitalist. Being a musician in London is hell.

Can’t wait to play…