HAWK-0318HAVVK is the new moniker for Julie Hough’s band previously known to us as HAWK. To celebrate the new name, there’s a smashing new single – ‘Glass’ – here it is!

Originally written in 2015, and released in the run up to the Irish Marriage Equality Referendum, Glass addresses themes of conflict and resolution. The single has been completely re-mastered, creating a fuller sound and reflecting the musical progression the band have made over the past few years. Filled with delicate, twinkling hooks, the soaring ethereal splendour of front woman Julie Hawk’s vocals envelop the listener in a bewitching, swirling majesty, creating something hauntingly poignant. The re-release also coincides with their rebrand. To cut through the online presence of similarly named artists, past and present, the band have amended their moniker to HAVVK, maintaining the identity and legacy of the project and making it unique and easy to find – so we no longer miss anything from the band!”