video of the day: Screech Bats drop ‘That Valentine Song’

London’s rockers Screech Bats present their eerie new video for single ‘That Valentine Song’, from new EP ‘Wish You Were Her’. Singer Esme Baker says:

“This song is about that total piece of shit ex you can’t ever believe you dated and being completely and utterly devoted to a person who doesn’t give a fuck about you: puts you down at every turn, leaches all your money, calls you a whore, tells you how to do your hair, make-up and what to wear… Looking back on the situation you realize that you’ve been taken for a fool and made to look like an absolute clown – a feeling we wanted to play on, hence the wonderful make-up by Rachael Delahunty. The smoke represents all the bullshittery you can’t see through, but every now and then things come into focus.”

Screech Bats self-released EP ‘Wish You Were Her’ On 30 March 2018. Get it here.

Catch the live:

2 June – Camden Rocks Festival at Dublin Castle, London
4 June – JT Soar, Nottingham
6 June – Moles, Bath
7 June – The Arches, Coventry
8 June – Percy’s Cafe Bar, Whitchurch
29 June – The Star Inn, Guildford
26 July – The Vic, Swindon
27 July – The Chelsea Inn, Bristol
28 July – Get Out The House Festival at The Hairy Dog – Derby

or follow them on

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Screech Bats Promo By Tom Le Bon (2)_preview

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