Introducing: Hollie Haines

KMO Press Photo

Hollie Haines released her debut alt-folk EP ‘The Walls I Built’ last summer  new and now has an infectiously cheery new single, ‘Keep Moving On’, to brighten up the sharp end of our winter.

Hollie says, “I was based in Leeds for 3 years, but decided to move to London 4 months ago. I released my debut EP in May, and while I was really proud of the work I put into it and what I had created, I still wasn’t exactly what I wanted to be making, so I moved to a new city and spent a long time writing and throwing ideas around until I started making the music I’m really excited about. ‘Keep Moving On’ is the start of the music I’m so proud of making at the moment. I’ve got a 7 track concept album which I’m releasing this year, and I’ve been having a greater input in the production of my songs and doing a lot more bedroom recording which has felt so much more suitable to how personal the lyrics I’m writing are.”

Hollie plays tonight at The Finborough Arms, with a tour for later in the year.

Find Hollie Haines at

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