dareReview by Stacy Norman

The second EP from feminist punk witches Dream Nails is, as its title may suggest, a message of solidarity, turning anger into positivity and creating a sense of community amongst their listeners.

The EP opens with ‘Tourist’, which vocalist Janey has described as being about men who like to act like a hero when really, they just fetishise sad girls and take advantage of them, and it sets the tone perfectly, and is followed by my favourite song on the EP – Joke Choke. It’s a short and sweet rage-fuelled song about “people who think it’s funny to make jokes about rape.”

I’m normally a bit cynical about making Bikini Kill/Kathleen Hanna comparisons, as it seems to be a bit of a go-to thing to say about feminist punk bands – so know that I genuinely mean it when I say that Dream Nails channel that raw power of demanding to be heard and encouraging their fans to fight for change.

‘Merkury’ sees Janey providing a concise explanation of what “mercury retrograde” actually is, and this is honestly the first time I’ve ever understood what it is!

Things end on an equally as powerful note with ‘Lovefuck’, an empowering anthem for anyone having to say goodbye to a relationship, and sees the band taking on the role of that supportive best friend you may or may not have in your life.

Dream Nails had no way of knowing that the already awful year that is 2017 was going to take yet another dark turn, but this is exactly the EP the world needs right now. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying Dream Nails are the band we need right now.

Dare To Care does a great job of capturing the excitement of their live shows. The band have also put together a zine to accompany this EP, which I also can’t recommend enough – it’s full of self-care tips and inspiring writing, and proves that with Dream Nails, activism happens on AND off stage.

Dream Nails' EP Dare to Care is out now on Bandcamp.
Those busy 'Nails have also gone and launched another EP today, Vagina Police available from Bandcamp, with a free gig tonight at the Shacklewell Arms, supported by Brosephine. Dream Nails are headling our Galentines Day Ball next week, 13 Feb, at The Lexington, supported by The Menstrual Cramps and GUTTFULL.