duckkReview by Katie McFaul
Duck: Faceache (LP)
Out now on Bandcamp

Stomping in from Sheffield and here with their first LP release are Duck, with their ‘Wonky DIY Synth/ guitar noise pop’; although that sounds hard to imagine, their description is incredibly accurate! And after releasing their EP ‘Slack Gob’ last year, they are back with a full length, feature which did not disappoint.

From start to finish the album ‘Face Ache’ offers crashing guitars, haunting vocals and ferociously loud electronic beats, and it must be said that this combination really works.

Opening track ‘Stereo’ sees the band putting their strongest foot forward, with pounding drums and a tune that is annoyingly catchy. Moving through the rest of the album, each song has it’s own unique flavour, and though the tracks seamless merge into each other no two songs sound the same.

There is a bit of something for everyone on this record, provided you are into wonky DIY synth/guitar noise pop! Ranging from disturbing and robotic, to something you just want to dance to, Duck have emerged with some brilliant tunes. It is one of those albums that when it finishes you feel a bit sad, so to avoid this feeling you keep it on repeat for the rest of the night (or until you go deaf)!

‘Face Ache’ is currently available to stream or download and, even if you don’t think you’re into wonky DIY synth, give it a go anyway, and I’m sure Duck will convert you.

Find Duck on Bandcamp, Facebook and YouTube