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All photos by Consuelo Giorgi

An awesome WitchFest last night at The Unicorn, Camden! We packed the pub with goths, punks, witches, bitches and all kinds of awesome music-lovers!


First up was the fearsome The Creeping Terrors, who treated us to some terrifyingly-good crypt rock.

My favourite song was the ‘La Ragazza Zombificata’ – an Italian language song about a female zombie taking her revenge on catcallers.

“pensavi fossi la vittima ideale
ma ora il tuo cervello mi voglio mangiare!”


Next up was W*llstonekraft, performing their ‘vindication of the rights of undead women’: what a treat! A truly mesmerising performance from this stunning new band. We can’t wait to see them again.





Winnie and the Rockettes joined us then for a raucous and soulful set. We’ve been longing to see this band for a while now and they were gloriously satisfying! Looking forward to seeing more from them.



23312976_10214329961462626_1578019744_oThen then perfect headliner for our WitchFest – the stunning Art Trip and the Static Sound – led by punk Queen, Melodie Holiday. A rabble-rousing set was a fitting close to the night.




Our collection for the evening raised £49.91 (let’s just call it £50) for the Solidarity Not Silence Campaign, supporting a group of women facing legal action for speaking up about an abusive man.

All in all, a brilliant LOUD WOMEN night – full of awesome music, dancing, laughing, solidarity and giggles! Some very brave folk even let Cassie paint their faces with spooky “designs”. Top fun!

Next gig: 18 November at the Bird’s Nest, Deptford – Vulpynes, Duck, Militant Girlfriend and Basic Dicks.