The-Pit-headerLOUD WOMEN is getting bigger. Our events are getting more popular. And more people want to see the bands we’re putting on. All of this is very awesome, and the photographers who come to our gigs to capture and share the fun beyond those four walls play a really important part in our success. So we love photographers very much!

Bigger audiences means more photographers wanting to be part of the action, and we’re keen to keep a happy balance between:

  • helping the photographers to work comfortably and get great shots of the night
  • supporting the band on stage to give their best possible performance
  • creating a safe and fun environment for the audience to enjoy the gig in.

The vast majority of the photographers coming to LOUD WOMEN gigs work in a really respectful and considerate way, but difficulty can arise for everyone concerned when there are too many photographers jostling for the same spot, blocking the view particularly for the ‘shorties’ like me! It’s also off-putting to be on stage with a thick row of cameras pointing at you when you’re trying to rock out … worse still if flashes start going off in your face.

After the gig, the issues of courtesy continue … it’s so disappointing for musicians to know that plenty of photos were being taken of their epic performance, but they can’t for the life of them track them down on the internet! Photographers are rightly keen to protect their copyrighted images, and too many people share photos unthinkingly, without giving proper credit to the person who has put in a lot of time and skill to create that image, so perhaps this is why photos are sometimes never shared on social media after the event?

Another issue that has been raised is whether audience members captured in photographs should be given the opportunity to ‘opt out’ of having their image shared. There are plenty of reasons why someone might not want to see their face in a photo that could end up anywhere. Again, a tricky issue to balance between audience comfort, and allowing the photographer creative freedom.

As a first step towards addressing this balance, Team LOUD WOMEN has come up with a set of guidelines which (after a bit of polishing) we’ll offer to photographers attending our events. Have a read and let us know what you think …

Taking photos at LOUD WOMEN events

Photographers are politely requested to keep in mind the following guidelines:

1. 3 songs and out
Please do not stand at the front of the crowd to take photos for longer than 3 songs

2. No flash photography
None whatsoever. Even if the band have said ‘yes’, we say ‘no’.

3. Sharing is caring
Everyone wants to see the results of your hard work – please share and tag LOUD WOMEN so we can make sure the bands and fans get to see your images.

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