LOUD WOMEN are proud to announce that there will be a second compilation album released this Autumn, featuring around 20 different artists who have appeared at LW gigs and Fests.

Volume One was a great success – with profits raised for Women’s Aid, and 21 awesome LOUD WOMEN artists brought to a wider audience. The album received glowing reviews, and worldwide radio play, including on BBC Radio 6: “a FINE compilation”, said Gideon Coe.

In order to fund the pressing of Volume Two, we are halving the price of Volume One to just £5, and encouraging supporters of LOUD WOMEN everywhere to help us sell as many as possible!

£5 is a bargain for a CD of 21 of the loudest women who’ve played our shows, and you’ll be helping ensure that we can bring out Volume Two before Christmas!

The track listing for Volume Two will be announced shortly. In the meantime, make sure you’ve got your copy/ies of Volume One!



21 track CD with zine

£5 (plus £1.50 p&p)


  • Dream Nails: DIY
  • Bratakus: Pollution Evolution
  • Petrol Girls: Touch Me Again
  • Dolls: Audrey
  • The Empty Page: Deeply Unlovable
  • The Ethical Debating Society: Poor Liam
  • Gladiators Are You Ready?: I Want to Love You
  • deux furieuses: Out of My System
  • Fight Rosa Fight!: Sick of You
  • GUTTFULL: Keyboard Warrior
  • Little Fists: Tyler is Not a Feminist
  • The Potentials: Moloch
  • Nervous Twitch: Something Wrong With Me
  • IDestroy: IDestroy
  • Madame So: Black is Beautiful
  • Fightmilk: Chaperone
  • Bugeye: Hey You
  • Argonaut: Not Rich
  • The Wimmins’ Institute: Nando’s
  • Lilith Ai: Riot
  • Janine Booth: Real Rape