areyouLast autumn The Franklys. played the first LOUD WOMEN Fest and they were outstanding: mesmeric, energetic, playing a kind of danceable garage rock.

Are You Listening? is superb! It starts off with ‘Castaway’, a good, straightforward rock track elevated by Fanny Broberg’s superb guitar work.

Complex, catchy, energetic, nimble rock that, yeah, fulfills some of the criteria for being ‘classic old school rock’ but is far too light on its feet to be compared to the more lumpen bands that term can conjure up. The Franklys might cite Led Zeppelin as an influence but their music is much more agile, much more interesting.

The songs deal with relationships, growth and development, war and democracy: in short, they explore the darker side of the human condition.

On this album Jennifer Ahikvist proves herself to be a very sophisticated vocalist, able to emote without ever being melodramatic.  Fanny Broberg excels on lead guitar, and Zoe Biggs and Lexi Clark are a tight, creative, equally talented rhythm section.

Stand out songs for me at the moment are ‘Keeper’, ‘Don’t Kill Your Friends’ and ‘Imaginarium’ but the whole album is overflowing with talent, craft, energy and danceable, catchy rock.

The Franklys have successfully captured the excitement and energy of their live performances on this release and if you like rock in any of its various forms then you should check this out.

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