review: Ivy Crown – ‘Timeout’

ba0dda259b80fd901244317c2cadf258983a9facreview by richard archer

Starting with a blast of infernal amp noise from guitarist Natasja, this debut single from Danish metallers Ivy Crown hits a sudden charge with a riff so abrasive it could peel wallpaper if it was played loud enough. What is surprising is that it sets up a pop melody from singer Camilla that feels untypical yet fits right into the ferocious sonic scuffle.

Along the way we get a pleasing shout-along of ‘No No No No/ I don’t care, NO!’ as a prelude to an anthemic chorus that switches to half-speed, allowing for maximum lurching in the crouching tiger pose (I’m imagining that’s what is done, I’m no dancer). Propelling all of this is some fantastic rock drumming from Sara – a blaze of accents and burly fills that keep everything bowling along with energy.

‘Timeout’ is a fine opening shot for the threesome who have each left their mark on the track, whilst sounding more than the sum of their parts. The production is also very good, keeping the band’s heart and grit audible through the professional gloss which ensures that the individual performances shine. For those (like me) who are not accustomed to newer generations of metal, this might be a door-opener into the genre.

Single available on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc

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