interview by Tim Forster

Fronted by singer Ewa Zablocka, Radioactive Rats are a Polish hardcore band based in Nottingham.
How did you get into punk?
I grew up listening to punk rock music, Polish and English. So punk rock was always in my veins. When you are a kid or a teenager and you open your eyes to the world you look around and see things that do not seem right to you, you want to talk about it or even scream. You want to express yourself. And it suits my character – I always wanted to change the world into a better place – and I found it in punk.
Is punk very established in Poland?  
Punk is not very popular in Poland now. It was most popular in the ’80s. Then we had a very strong punk rock scene. Now it’s more commercial.
And how is the punk scene doing around Nottingham?
 In general the punk scene is not bad in Nottingham so if you want you can always find some good gigs on during weekends. There are opportunities to play small gigs, small venues or even completely DIY gigs and we are always happy to play.

You are also a tattooist, aren’t you? 

I became interested in tattoos when I was a 15 or 16. Kubczak made some tattoos on himself using a homemade tattoo machine and I wanted to get some tattoos as well but I had to wait till 18. So on my 18th birthday I got my first tattoo… and that’s how it started. After a few years, when I gained some knowledge, I bought all the tattoo stuff needed for tattooing and started doing it. Now I’m still doing some tattoos for my friends from time.
What made you choose Radioactive Rats as a name?
Hah… First of all I love rats! Rats are very cute and very smart but disliked and seen as a threat… a little bit like punk rockers!
When you write your songs what inspiration do you draw on?
All the world around me, my feelings, my thoughts, some situations that happened to me or what I saw. Everything can be inspiration – there are no rules.

Have the things you sing about changed over time?

I don’t thinks so. I think that ‘the system’ or ‘people in power’ or other things that we are singing about over time just changed names or methods of brainwashing people but it is still same old shit. They can not trick us. We have our eyes wide open all the time.
And what are your plans for next year? Are you hoping to have an album coming out?
Yes! Two songs are already on our Bandcamp and three more songs hopefully will come out very soon. We’re really looking forward to releasing completely new stuff created by the present lineup. So hopefully we will avoid any personal changes which will allow us to focus on gigging and writing, recording and releasing new 100% Radioactive Rats album soon!