The Pearl Hearts‘ Kirsty and Sara met on the road, decided to form a band and then launched to the world a stunning filmed live session of their first song ‘Black Blood’. Their incredible live show has found them as an in-demand warm-up act for Garbage, Stereophonics and now Skunk Anansie who they are currently on a 27-date European tour with.

Now The Pearl Harts present their new track ‘Hit the Bottle’, described in their press release as “an intense shot of in your-face attitude; snarling vocals, screeching guitar loops and insistent drums”.  According to the band, the track is about “trying not to give into your vices but you’realways doing it…. debauchery, having fun, playing shows…. giving into your dark side”.  It’s an awesome rock track with truly impressive guitar licks – giving you just a whiff of glove without falling foul of  metal.

Check out ‘Hit the Bottle’ on SoundCloud